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Follow me to level 15!

A Step by Step Guide

After tutorial is over, many would be wondering “what should I do from now on?”. We have organized a special step by step guide to assist you to get familiarized with the game, and reach level 15 in no time!

1) Be sure to try out the quests!

a. '!' icon indicates that you have a new "Quest"

b. '?' Icon indicates that you have a completed quest to be turned in.
* Press 'Space Bar' to talk with the NPC’s*

2) So you think you are level 10!

Congratulations! You have endured all the way up to Level 10! Now the real fun begins. You can now take your class to the next level and obtain a special fighting style!

a. Locate and talk to Randy Heart for your class promotion.

b. b. You will be given a choice of 4 classes you may be promoted to. Be sure to choose carefully, as you can only revert back to your original state of Street or Rush using an Astro item. Complete Randy’s test to get your class promotion! (Be sure to choose carefully, as you can only revert back to your original state using Astro item)
*You can try out Free Zone to test the abilities of each individual class*

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3) Skills? What Skills?

Now let’s get you some skills! But what exactly are skills? They are the bread and butter of Zone4. Skills are mandatory if you wish to become a top class fighter in Zone4!

a. a. You will be given 5 “Promotional skill boxes” for completing the quest “Master and Disciple” given to you by Randy Heart.This will give you a head start on getting familiarized with your new class. Before you open your boxes and collect your skills, be sure to check one thing: the Skill Tree.
Skill Tree: In MyRoom is a tab that shows the Skill List for your class. It is important to check it to view the level requirement for your skills. The Skill List also shows which skills have prerequisites, and which order you will need to equip your skills in <for more info Skill Tree Guide>

b. b. To get more skills, you can pick up Promotional skill boxes from the Hunting Grounds and any Arcade mode. You may also purchase specific skills from the Shop using Astros.

c. c. We recommend that you ask some of our higher level users for assistance in helping you grow. Please make sure to ask nicely, though, and be polite!

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4) You Pick What You Want to Do!

Have you got familiarized with your new class yet? If you are getting use to the controls and skills, try choosing what you want to do from now on!

a. PvP
If you choose to step into PvP match right away, we recommend you:

- Enter the Beginner 1 Channel: Level requirement is 1 ~ 19, and majority of players will be about same fighting level as you. It’s great place to practice fighting other players.

*When you finish PvP match, you sometime receive a reward. You can obtain various prizes such as Promotional Skill Box and even Arcade Ticket!*

- Break Into Warfare: Our special up to 32 players game mode allow you to observe how others fight, and join in on the massive battle between 2 sides.

b. PvE
If you choose to go try out some more PvE, we recommend you:
- Hunting Ground: Try out other hunting grounds. By-X Training area may have been too easy, but it gets harder in Hotel. Try out different hunting grounds to fight against different types of enemy!
- Arcade: Care to defeat some By-X’s? Head into Arcade mode and clear the evil By-X boss that resides at end of level. Fight through various stages by yourself, or venture through with party to defeat the malicious villain!
*Party up with up to 3 other players to swiftly clear through the Arcade dungeon.*

Party System: You can party up with other players, and up to 3 other players who can team up with you to defeat the By-X! We highly recommend you to practice partying up as higher level Arcade mode will be difficult to clear alone. Head over to one of Momsen sister’s to create / join a party!

- Challenge Arcade: Just as the name indicates, take up a challenge to see how far you can go with certain limitation. In this mode you only have limited lives, and cannot use any potion. You’ll have to rely solely on your skills and fighting method to defeat stages up to 50. You do not get any ‘Experience Point’ from this level, but once you go past the stage 12, you can get rewards such as coin and Arcade ticket. Don’t be discouraged that you couldn’t reach to stage 50 at this time. Get stronger and come back again and show them what you are made of!

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Skill Guide

Skills are essential in Zone4. Having various skills will mean you can defend yourself even in a worst case scenario. But just having all the skills for your class does not make you invulnerable. You will have to learn when and how to use each specific skill, along with — most importantly — how skills actually work.

Skill List

It is important to view the Skill List (a.k.a. Skill Tree) to check for your skill ‘requirements’. Each skill past your basic skill all have prerequisite and level requirement.

i. Go into MyRoom, and locate ‘Skill List’ icon located near bottom left section.
ii. All skills are indicated with Level under the icon image, and you can hover your mouse to view its detail information. You can also view the skill animation to get better idea on how the skill works.
iii. The grey line indicates the ‘connection’ between skills. The path indicates ‘required skill’ and ‘next level’ skill. Be sure to follow this line to get better idea on skill requirement.
*Skipping skill will render high level skill to be unequippable! Be sure to double check your skill and follow the Skill List to avoid confusion.*

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Skill Upgrade System

Now that you have your skills equipped, it’s time to strengthen them even more! All skill levels are set as “0” but you can upgrade them higher to increase its damage. Maximum number of skill level is set to ‘10’. We’ll guide you through on how to upgrade your skill in this section.

i. *Skill Level Chart*
ii. Access MyRoom, and select ‘Skill Upgrade’ tab on the left-top section.
iii. Insert the skill you wish to upgrade, and insert a ‘Skill Strengthening Coupon’.
iv. You also throw in Upgrade Fee to initiate the Skill Upgrade.
v. When you succeed, skill level will be increased by +1, but if it fails skill will be downgraded by -1.
*As the level increases, chance of failure gets higher.
vi. Skill Strengthening Coupon: This is basic skill upgrade coupon. This is more frequent around Zone 4, and can be easily used to upgrade your skills.
vii. Superior Skill Strengthening Coupon: Special type of skill upgrade coupon. This coupon is more valuable than normal one. While using this upgrade coupon, if the skill level fails, skill will not be downgraded. It’s like an insurance paper!

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