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OGP Starter Packs and Tips

Beginner sailors may claim OGP exclusive starter pack when they reach a combined level of 5, 10, 20, 30, and 50.

You may claim the pack by clicking the button located near right up corner of the screen, Record -> Challenge Mission -> Obtain Reward



You will need enough empty inventory spaces equivalent to the items in each pack to open the pack. You may claim the pack later if you don’t have enough inventory spaces.

The following is the content of each starter pack, a brief explanation of what they do, and some tips for the game.




OGP Starter Pack Lvl.5:


Iron plating

Ship plating for battle that provides decent protection against cannon fires during battle but slows ship speed down when not in battle. To Equip, click on Ship/Fleet -> Ship Parts. You may purchase this at major city’s shipyard from Carpenters as well in the future.


Master's Rapid-fire (6)

Fast reloading cannon that can deal good damage in close range. It’s recommended for beginners to learn at least three basic battle skills, Gunnery, Accuracy, and Ballistics to be able to use cannons effectively. The normal version of this can be purchased at major city’s shipyard from Weaponsmith.



A ship figurehead with high Cannon Evade stat that reduces the damage ship takes from cannon fire in battle. This can be bought from Sculptors in many cities.


Sea God's Improved Pendant

Increase experience gain by 50% for one day. Help you get more experience and level up faster. The longer lasting version of this item can also be purchased from Astro Shop (A red start button). Non-tradable.



A basic land battle weapon. It can be easily bought from Item Shop in many cities.




OGP Starter Pack Lvl. 10:


Lifesavers x 15

You can use this when you are sunk. Learn Rescue skill later to replace this.


Iron plating


Master's Rapid-fire (8)

Similar to above, a stronger version you can fit in on the second boardside slot of the ship.


Mizzen royal staysail

This is a studding sail that can be equipped on ship to increase ship speed. Additional sails can be purchased at major city’s shipyard from Sailmaker.


Ceasefire Agreement x 30

Stops NPC attack immediately when used in battle. It has a chance to fail but can be used multiple times. This is an important item and can be bought from Pedlars in Oslo, Stockholm, Tunish, Algier, etc. Learning the skill Caution and use it while sailing will help you avoid attacks from invisible enemy ships. Sailing outside of the attack range of visible aggressive NPC ships is a good idea too.


Germanic Translation note x 15

Can be used to temporarily replace the language requirement when talking or reading archive in Northern Europe. Learn the vital skill in this game, Body Language, from John Dee in London when reaching 8/10/0 in levels.


Romance Translation note x 15

Similar to above but used in Southern Europe.


East European translation note x 15

Similar to above but used in Eastern Europe.


Hamito-Semetic translation note x 15

Similar to above but used in Arabian/Egypt cities.




OGP Starter Pack Lvl. 20


Equip this on the ship’s special equipment slot to increase melee attack power when engaged in melee with other ships on the sea. It can be purchased at major city’s shipyard from Weaponsmith.


Fondant mille crepes x 40

A typical Vigour recovering food, +40 Vigour each. Vigour is very important as almost all skill usage will consume some. There are many types in the game, it’s a good idea to buy often from tavern clerks and keep many of one or two types around.



A ship crest for decoration purpose.


Iron plating x 2


Master's Rapid-fire (12) x 2

Similar to above. This is a stronger version and you may need to fleet another player with Shipbuilding skill above rank 5 to refit the ship at Shipwright to increase the maximum sailors and cannon chambers to equip this on the ship. In order to fire all the cannons equipped on a ship, a ship requires additional sailors above minimum requirement approximately same as the number of cannons on the ship. It’s generally a good idea to maximize the number of sailors on a battle ship.


Wind King's talisman

Increase your ship speed bonus by 30% for 7 days. This is also sold in Astro Shop. Non-tradable.




OGP Starter Pack Lvl. 30


P-CB Memorial Ship Exchange Ticket

Choose one of the SO Galley, SO Trading Galley, and SO Battle Galley. If the school memorial ships are not to your liking, a Galley might suit you better. They have more sailors in general but requiring the skill Rowing to be used effectively.



Dress like an admiral.


Iron plating


Sail paint type 10


Carronade (14)

This is one of the most commonly used cannon in the game. It can be made with rank 14 Casting.

Casting is one of the production skills in game and it’s quite useful. Mineral trader is a good job to train Casting because it has Casting, Mineral trading, Wares trading favored and player may learn all 3 immediately after changing to the job.

A few recipe books are also needed to train casting and making cannons:

1. Shipwright basic- casting book: Can buy from Craft shop in Antwerp, Groningen, Plymouth, Porto, Barcelona, Genoa, Pisa, Syracuse, etc. Make Spare rudder wheel and

2. Firearms techniques: Can buy from Item shop in Ceuta or Barcelona. Cannon Shot and Cannon are used in making the ship equipment cannons, and other goods can be sold to market for a profit.

3. Mineral smelting book: Can buy from Dublin Item Shop. This book have recipe to turn Iron ore into Iron or make steel.

4. Alloy smelting book: Can be gained as a reward by investing accumulatively 300,000 in Dublin. This book can be used to make Bronze.

5. Normal cannon enhancement: It can be purchases from the craftsman in each nation’s home port after investing a certain amount. This is the book used to make many different types of cannons including Carronade 14, Rapid-fire 16, and Cannon 14.



This figurehead has high crisis protection stat, and can sometimes remove disasters from the ship while sailing. The figurehead will not lose durability if not used in battle. It can be made by players using one of the game’s production skill, handicraft.



OGP Starter Pack Lvl. 50


Main full rigged sail

This is one of the best sail in the game, and it can greatly improve ship speed.  The sail will not lose durability if not used in battle. It can be made by players using one of the game’s production skill, sewing.


Carronade (14)


Spectacled owl

A cute owl pet. There are many other pets in the game can be discovered and owned by the player. Many of them are adventure quests require to Biology and Ecological research.


Check (10 million)

This is a check that can be traded to other players or cashed at bank by changing the amount in hand to 0, and 10000 total fame is required to cash and buy checks from bank.


Tristan's sword

A durable sword that discovered by an adventure quest. There are many other legendary weapons and armours that can be discovered through adventure quests. Most of them require adventure skills, Archaeology, Search, and Unlock.