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Epic Sea Feud Guideline


The Epic Sea Feud (ESF) is the biggest PVP battle in UWO. It involves all nations and is a great way for players to increase their Court rank and their nations’ influence. ESF divides participants from different nations into two teams: the Aggressor Team and the Defending Team.

Teams get quests from city officials, fleet together to combat the fleets (player and NPC) of the opposing team, gaining Victory points and Merit along the way.

Merit gained during ESF events is cumulative. If you earn enough Merit from participating in ESF events, and if you have enough Fame, your Court rank will increase.

Similar to Mock Battle, players who lose in ESF will not lose money, cargo or items.


What do I need before joining ESF?

1. A combined level higher than 11.

2. The port permit for the target area.

3. Total fame higher than 500.

4. And, of course, you must have the Epic Sea Feud quest.

To get the Epic Sea Feud quest:

If you are a member or ally of the primary aggressor nation:

o   In the main aggressor nation’s territory or allied cities, talk to a city official or minister. You may do so up to 6 hours before each ESF round, and you have until the end a round to pick up the quest.

If you are a member or ally of the primary defending nation:

o   In the main defending nation’s territory or allied cities, talk to a city official or minister. You may do so up to 6 hours before each ESF round, and you have until the end a round to pick up the quest.

The Epic Sea Feud quest is considered an imperial quest. You cannot have both the Imperial quest and the ESF quest at the same time.



5. A fleet must have a minimum of 2 players. Fleeting can only be done within cities. All fleet members must have the appropriate class of ship required to participate in each stage of ESF. In the first hour of each round, only small class ships can do battle; in the second hour of each round, only standard class ships; in third hour of each round, only heavy class ships. It is recommended that players have all 3 ship classes ready before joining ESF.

Form a Fleet 3FormAFleet.jpg

Make sure all fleet members have quest 4MakeSureAllFleetMembersHaveQuest.jpg

Make sure all fleet members use the right sized ship according to the stage 5UseRightSizedShip.jpg

6. When the ESF begins, offensive players will be identified by red sword-shaped emblems above them. Defending players will have blue sword-shaped emblems.


7. The quest is complete when ESF ends. Report back to the minister or city official who gave you the quest to collect rewards. You must gain at least 1 merit to complete the quest. You will get “Epic Sea Feud Participation Rewards” when reporting completion of the quest. You may also see an increase in your Court rank if you have accumulated enough Merits.


How is ESF organized?

Each Epic Sea Feud has 3 rounds. Each round has 3 stages. Each stage lasts 1 hour.

First Stage

Opening ~ 1st hour

Only Small ships can join the battle

Second Stage

End of 1st hour ~ 2nd hour

Only Medium-sized ships can join the battle

Final Stage

End of 2nd hour ~ 3rd hour

Only Large ships can join the battle


-          Victory points and Merits can be gained by defeating enemy player and NPC fleets. Each win against an enemy fleet will add:

o   1 victory point in the small ship the stage.

o   2 victory points in the standard ship stage.

o   3 victory points in the heavy ship stage.

o   Each win against an NPC will add 1 victory point, regardless of the stage.

-          The combined Victory Points of each Team will determine the winner of the ESF. It will also determine the degree to which each nation’s influence will change in the ESF regions at the end of the ESF.

-          Additional Merits can also be gained by sinking enemy player ships when a player’s fleet wins the battle.

o   Earn +2 merit per ship if the enemy’s has a higher combined level than the player.

o   Earn +1 merit per ship if the enemy’s level is equal or lower than the player.

o   Earn +0 merit per ship if the enemy’s level is lower than half of the player’s combined levels.

-          You may earn Victory points and Merits from each fleet only 3 times in each stage of ESF, whether initiated by you or the other fleet. If you engage the same fleet more than 3 times, you will be awarded no Victory points or Merits.

-          During a sea battle, each side can have a maximum of 10 ships (20 ships altogether). If you see a friendly fleet engaged in battle, you can join them as reinforcements, as long as the number of players on the side does not exceed 10. Just click on the friendly fleet and select Reinforce. The Request Reinforcement skill is not needed to reinforce a fleet in ESF.

-          During ESF, extra players cannot join your fleet while you are at sea. Enter cities to form fleets or add players a fleet.


What effects does the Epic Sea Feud have on national influence?

The national influence of all allied cities will change based on the results of the Epic Sea Feud. The winning nations’ influence will increase; the losing nations’ will decrease. The amount of increase or decrease will depend on the combat results. Roughly speaking, each additional percent above the 50% from the combined Victory points will result in a 4% increase in the influence overall. Also, the amount of change for the primary Attack and Defense nations will be twice as much as for allied nations.

When ESF is finished, the level of influence that nations have over ports will change. If the change is influence is sufficient, allied port ownership will change immediately.


What is the Investment Prohibition period?

The length of the Investment Prohibition period in the targeted city depends on the win ratio of the Epic Sea Feud. Each additional percent above the 50% from the combined Victory points will result in 1 day of investment prohibition period for the losing side for a maximum of 7 days. This will be displayed when a player attempts to make an investment in the target city.


How does Epic Sea Feud voting work?

All Nations ESF will have set teams and will include all 7 nations, so all players may participate. This is a special event set up by the GMs. There will be no ESF voting period for All Nations ESF.

In the regular Epic Sea Feud, the 6 European nations are divided into two groups: 3 large nations and 3 small nations, based on the combined national influence on all ports and the development level of the ports. ESF voting begins when one nation initiates voting on a list of 5 possible target ports, and this nation will be the primary aggressor nation in the ESF. If it’s initiated by a large nation, then all possible target ports will be from the other two large nations. If it’s initiated by a small nation, then all possible target ports will be from the other two small nations.

After the target port voting ends, the nation allied with the targeted port will be the primary Defending nation. The other nations (either large or small) will be excluded from the ESF.

The 3 remaining European nations (3 small nations if the ESF was initiated by a large nation; 3 large nations if ESF was initiated by a small nation) will vote for which side to be allied with. The Ottoman Empire will start allied voting for the side they will support. Players can vote at their city’s palace. At the end of allied voting, the Ottoman Empire will join the side that receives more votes from them.

The other 3 European nations’ voting can have two possible outcomes:

1. If a majority of all 3 of the other European nations vote for one side, then all 3 nations will be excluded from the ESF. In that case, the resulting ESF will be a 3 nation ESF with the Aggressor Nation vs. the Defending Nation, and the Ottoman Empire joining whichever nation won their vote.

2. If 2 of the European nations vote for one side, and 1 nation votes for the other side, then the nation with higher percentage of the 2 will join the side voted for and the other one will be excluded. The 1 nation voted for the other side will join that side. It results in a 5-nation ESF.


Court Ranks Available in the Epic Sea Feud

Court ranks are determined by accumulated merits gained from defeating enemy NPC or player fleets in cumulative Epic Sea Feuds:

Court Rank

Accumulated Merits


















Here are a few tips for players who want to join ESF:

What are some basic tactics in ESF?

Stay close to your allied fleets so you can reinforce them and be reinforced when you are attacked.

Make a chat room with your fleet members for easy coordination. In the case that you are being attacked by a much stronger fleet with no hope of winning, you can disband the fleet and ask the fleet members to sail to the closest port and reform the fleet. However, that might not always be the best course of action as many players will not attack the same fleets more than 3 times in a stage because they cannot receive any Victory points and Merits after defeating the same fleet 3 times. Disbanding and reforming a fleet will reset the counter, making the fleet a viable target again.


What are some basic tips for battle?

Try to circle around enemies and shoot them in the bow or stern for cause critical damage.

Assign commonly used items and skills, such as Vigour food, Repair, and Surgery, to Custom Slots. Bring Master craftsman’s carpentry tools.

Only the enemy admiral needs to be defeated to win a battle, so it is important to focus on the enemy’s admiral and defend your own admiral. Enemy admirals are indicated by a face icon.

It is important to sink enemy ships in the battle, but it is more important to survive. The longer you can survive the more chances you will have to sink enemies. Watch out for enemies circling around you to get a critical hit, and constantly use Repair and Surgery to help yourself and teammates. Cooperate with your teammates to surround and sink one enemy at a time.


Which ships are good for ESF?

For the small ship stage: Gunboat, Memorial Battle Sloop, etc. (Small ships with 3 broadsides)

For the medium ship stage: Commander’s Heavy Caravel, Armed Sha-chuan, Commander’s Corvette, etc. (Medium ships with 4 broadsides)

For the heavy ship stage: Vaisseau, Super Frigate, First Class Vaisseau, Ironsides, etc. (Heavy ships with 5 broadsides)


What are some important stats for a battle ship?

1. Durability: Vital for survival in the battle. Maximize it as much as you can.

2. Turn speed: It is important to have high turn speed for ship maneuverability. 15 or more is ideal for battle ships.

3. Armor: Primarily reduces damage taken from cannon fire.

4. Sailors: A battle ship should have at least a ship’s minimum required sailors + 1 sailor per gun. Refit your ship with the maximum number of sailors and cannons. Some ships might get an increase in the maximum amount of sailors during improvements to fully utilize all the cannons.


Which skills are recommended for battle?

The following skills are essential in battle:

1. Steering: Determines how fast your ship can turn, making it harder for enemies to make critical shots on you.

2. Gunnery: Determines how fast your cannons will reload.

3. Accuracy: Increases the minimum range of cannons and lets you shoot at enemies closer to you. It also increases the number of shots that will successfully hit enemy ships, increasing the amount of damage you do.

4. Ballistics: Increases the maximum range of cannons and lets you shoot at enemies farther away.

5. Repair: Restores durability.

6. Surgery: Heals wounded sailors.

Some other useful skills:

Evasion, Swordplay, First Aid, Assault, Guard, Gunfire, Tactics, Leadership, Mine Laying, Penetration, General Check (a college skill), etc.



Royal Navy Patch Guideline

Royal Navy Patch Guideline


What does the Royal Navy Patch add or change?

You can join the Royal Navy in your home city’s Palace. Your current Court Rank will be renamed to correspond to your Military Court Rank.

When you join the Royal Navy you will be assigned to one of the three divisions depending on your current job. Adventure type will join Special Operations Command. Trade type will join Maritime Transport Command. Battle type will join Navy Fleet Command.

1. Special Operations Command:  Primarily sabotages fortresses during ESF. Adventure Fame gained will increase Performance.

2. Maritime Transport Command: Primarily constructs fortresses during ESF. Trade Fame gained will increase Performance.

3. Navy Fleet Command: Primarily attacks fortresses directly during ESF. Battle Fame gained will increase Performance.

When Performance reaches a certain level, players will receive additional Court Rank.

After joining Royal Navy, players cannot attack others in the same nation except those with WANTED status (red names). You may attack NPC fleets of the same nation, but if you sink or capture any of the vessels during battle you will be discharged from Royal Navy after the battle.

You may at any time, without penalty, leave the Royal Navy, change your job type, and rejoin another division of the Royal Navy. Your Performance will remain even if you withdraw from the Royal Navy.

Also, during ESF voting, the weight or power of a player’s vote will depend on the player’s Court Rank.

The following is a list of Court Ranks followed by how many votes each vote will be counted as:

Knight = Ensign (rank 19)

3 votes

Upper Knight = Navy Lieutenant (rank 20)

3 votes

High Knight = Navy Captain (rank 21)

3 votes

Lower Baron = Navy Lieutenant Commander rank 22)

4 votes

Baron = Navy Commander (rank 23)

4 votes

Viscount = Navy Captain (rank 24)

4 votes

Earl = Rear Admiral (rank 25)

5 votes

Vice = Admiral (rank 26)

5 votes

Duke = Admiral (rank 27)

5 votes


What is Fortress Battle?

All cities (except home cities of each nation) in the sea regions where ESF takes place can be turned into fortresses.

Fortress ownership is determined by the nation it belongs to or is allied with prior to the start of ESF.

Each fortress is worth 20 Victory points to the side which owns it at the beginning of each round.  If it falls in an enemy attack during a round, the 20 victory points will be deducted from the owner and 10 Victory points will be awarded to the side that destroyed the fortress. If the fortress is successfully defended until the round ends, the fortress owner will retain the 20 victory points.

Ideally, the Battle type does direct Fortress Attacks, Adventurers can do Sabotage (read below for an explanation), and Traders can strengthen the fortress by delivering supplies. However, there is no hard rule that a player must have a specific job to conduct a certain activity. All types may engage in any engage in any activities they wish.

Attacking a fortress is very simple. A fleet admiral just anchor in the white zone outside of the fortress, then click on the fortress and click the Fortress Attack button to initiate automated battle. Remember to keep repairing your fleet because fortress will shoot back and may do massive damage to the fleet if its attack power has been upgraded. A fleet must have a minimum of 2 ships to initiate and continue Fortress Attack.


Make sure your ship is anchored. 7FortAttackButton.jpg


How to strengthen or construct a fortress?

All fortresses have the following 3 stats:

Attack (Max 200) – Determines how much damage the fortress will do on attacking ships.

Defense (Max 200) – Determines how much damage the fortress will take from attacks.

Durability (Max 30,000) – Determines how much more damage the fortress can take before it falls.

Initially, each fortress starts with a basic strength of 20 Attack, 20 Defense, and 3000 Durability. Players need to deliver materials to a fortress to increase its strength.

Fortress construction can be started 6 hours before the beginning of each ESF round. NPC Maritime Transport Units will appear in fixed locations in the ESF sea region. Players must be in a fleet consisting of a minimum of 2 players. All fleet members must be from the same side of the ESF and all must have taken the ESF quest.

Players need to gather materials and find the Maritime Transport Unit for their side on the sea to initiate dialogue. They will receive a message permitting them to begin constructing the fortress. They may go to any fortress belonging to their side and talk to a Port Official. Click the “Build Fortress” button to start delivering materials to the fortress and view the fortress’ stats. If the player wants to strengthen the fortress again, they must talk to the NPC Maritime Transport Unit again.


Types of Supplies that can be delivered to strengthen the fortress:

Attack can be increased by delivering ship cannons. 14-gun cannons will give +2 attack each and 16 gun cannons will give +3 attack each. The type of cannon does not matter.</span>

Defense can be increased by delivering ship armor, such as iron plating.

Durability can be increased by delivering tradable goods, such as iron, lumber and stone.

If a fortress has fallen before during the ESF, then the effectiveness of supplies will be reduced. For example, 16-gun cannons will give the same +2 to attack as 14-gun cannons if the fortress has fallen once before.

Talk to Maritime Transport Unit first. 9MaritimeTransportUnitBuildFort.jpg Build fortress by talking to Port Official 10BuildFortressButton.jpg Build fortress window 11BuildFortressScreen.jpg


How to Sabotage a fortress?

Sabotaging a fortress can only be done once an ESF round has started. Players must be in a fleet consisting of a minimum of 2 players. All members must be from the same side of the ESF and have the ESF quest. Players must all be in the appropriate class of ship (Light, Standard or Heavy) for the stage.

Players will need to find the Special Operations Unit for their side in the ESF sea regions and initiate a dialogue. They will receive message permitting them to begin sabotaging the fortress. Players must sail and dock in an enemy fortress, then click the “Sabotage” button to bring up the Sabotage window. Each member in the fleet may put in an item, then confirm and wait for the admiral to initiate the Sabotage. Players must talk to the Special Operations Unit again if they wish to do Sabotage again.

Many items can be used in fortress Sabotage. Different items will lower different stat of the fortress, and certain combinations of items between fleet members might result in a Combo with increased effects or special effects.

Here are some example items can be used in sabotage:

Drill of destruction, Smoke bomb, Loud bomb, Firebomb, Loaded Explosives, Adhesive oil, etc.

Talk to Special Operations Unit first 12SpecialOperationUnitSabotage.jpg Dock in the target city and select Sabotage 13SabotageButton.jpg Put in specific combinations of items with teammates to achieve combo 14SabotageScreen.jpg

What happens after a fortress has been defeated?

Once a fortress has fallen, the city will be open to investments to players from the country defeated it. Allied cities might change allegiance due to the investments. Territory cities will not change allegiance, but other country`s players may enjoy the exclusive benefits those cities provide from investments.