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Making Your Character

At first, you will have the option of Billy or Ming Ming. You will have to name your avatar and pick their first outfit. Worry not, there are many more characters you can unlock and customize!


Direction Keys.PNG


Pressing the directional keys makes your character accelerate in the direction corresponding to the direction key, relatively to the camera view. For instance, pressing the Up key makes the character move away from the camera. Pressing multiple direction keys (usually one of up/down and one of left/right) makes character move diagonally. The acceleration continues while keys are pressed. After reaching maximum speed the character stops accelerating and continues moving at that speed.

Releasing all direction keys or pressing a direction key in the opposite direction of the direction the character is currently moving in, makes the character come to a halt.


When the character gets electrocuted, mashing the Left and Right direction keys will shorten the amount of time you are stunned.



Pressing the Jump button makes your character jump.

Double Jump

Pressing the Jump button twice will make your character double jump.


In free fall, tapping the Jump key makes your character fall faster.

File:Jump Tapping.gif


While climbing, tapping the Jump key makes your character climb faster.

File:Jump Tapping.gif


Pressing the Dash key will make your character move faster, as well as increasing their maximum speed. Letting go of the Dash key, your character will quickly decelerate back to their normal top speed. Dashing depletes the Dash gauge. When completely depleted, your character becomes exhausted, stops and takes a while to recover.

Land Dash

Pressing the Dash key shortly before character touches the ground from free fall gives you a running start.

Using an Item

In Item races, pressing the Item key activates the item the character is currently holding.

Passing the Baton

In Relay races, pressing the Item key determines the quality of accepting the baton from previous racer or passing the baton to the next racer. There are three different qualities that can occur depending on when the item key is pressed. These qualities are bad, cool, and good. A bad quality pass will result in the characters tripping to the ground and requiring them to spend a short amount of time recovering. A cool pass will result in the character receiving the baton starting at maximum dashing speed. A good pass will result in the successful passing of the baton in which neither character trips to the ground.


When the character is ready to use Fury (i.e. it has filled up its Rage and Dash meters), pressing the Item and Dash keys at the same time will activate Fury. Activating Fury will make your character run super-fast, and become invincible to any obstacles or attacks. Just be warned, it is sometimes difficult to control.


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