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What is Tales Runner?

Tales Runner is a wonderfully bright and cheerful game about racing with your friends! Set in the world where many famous fairy tale environments take place, allowing you to take some friendly competition to the next level. It combines the genres of social, fantasy and racing games; players compete by running, jumping, dashing, skiing and climbing across different magical fairy tale settings. Combining Eastern and Western it creates an adventurous atmosphere, with famous tales such as “Jack and the bean Stalk”, and the Japanese classic “Momotaro”. Every type of gamer will discover Tales Runner to be a fun and intense gaming experience!

The Story

King Henry is the king of a beautiful country. To make the people happy again, he started the "Fairyland Sightseeing Racing Competition" with a fairy tale theme. The winners of the competition will be awarded a stone that can fulfill any wish. Each contestant is called a "Tales Runner".

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