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Taking Care of Your Pet

When you first buy your pet, it will come as an egg in the Pet section of your inventory. You can make the pet follow you around by double-clicking it, but it will still be in egg form. Don't worry, though! All pets will eventually hatch into their cute baby forms if you take care of them (except for the Ugly Egg).

If you look at your pet, you will see that it has two bars under it. We will discuss the top bar (the SP bar) a little later. The bottom bar is your pet's XP bar. You will notice that, as you gain experience by fighting, so too will your pet's XP bar turn green.

Once the XP bar is fully green, it is time to level up your pet! Head to a Pet Shop owner (like Sero in Elias) and buy the appropriate Level Up Supplement for your pet's level. Then, press the Level Up Pet button in the bottom of your Inventory screen. If your pet is still following you, press the L key to bring up the Pet window, then drag your pet into the Pet section of your Inventory screen before you try to level it up.

(Note: DO NOT put the Supplement into the food section of your Pet screen. Your pet will eat it up without leveling.)

Now, place your pet in the Pet Level Up window and place the Supplement in the box next to it. Press the Execute button and, if everything is right, your pet will level up! Remember, your pet will only look different if it reaches certain levels.

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Pet Abilities

Your pet looks cute, but don't think that good looks are the only thing going for them! Once it reaches certain levels, it gains new skills and abilities!

To check your pet's skills and abilities, press the L button to bring up the Pet screen. You will then see information on whichever pet is following you. This page displays all of the information on this pet, including its SP and XP, skills and abilities, and how the pet feels.

To activate an active skill or ability, just click on the icon and it will start glowing. This means that it has been activated. Your pet will then help you when it can.

Note that each time your pet acts, its SP bar starts going down. By default, your pet's SP bar is empty. This means that you have to feed it! Just drag an item to your pet's picture to feed it once.

You can also have your pet eat one type of thing whenever it gets hungry by placing it into the Food box. Remember, your pet will eat most things and once it's eaten, it's gone for good!

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Pet Enhancement

File:LT petimg4.gif

If you want to make your pet more useful or just more uniquely yours, you can always use the Enchant tool to add enchantments to your pet. Just like normal enchantments, you simply need to select the Enchant icon on the bottom of the Item screen, place your pet into the first box, add a pet enchantment to the second box, and press Execute.

Remember to never drag the enchantment onto your pet or put it into the Food window in the Pet screen. Your pet may just mistake it for food!

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Waking pets

File:LT petimg5.gif While pets are cute and often useful, they get tired very easily. When you buy a pet from the store, it can only travel with you for a certain number of days (usually 30) before it gets too tired to travel.

Fortunately, there is a special item called the Herb of Eternal Pet Youth that can wake your tired pet up so it can travel with you for a bit longer! Herbs of Eternal Pet Youth are available in the Fashion Shop. Best of all, your pet wakes up with all of its experience, skills, and abilities.

To wake your pet, press the Item Refresh button at the bottom of the Item page. Drag your pet into the first box, then add the Herb of Eternal Pet Youth into the second box and press Execute. Your pet will be energized and ready to go exploring!

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