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Introduction to Quests

A Game wouldn't be fun without quests, especially on a story-rich game like SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Online. There are countless number of quests to complete, each with some very useful rewards. Quests are divided into two major groups.

- Quests by Ranks
- Daily Quests

Rank Quests

- Different quests available for each "Rank"

- New quests unlock as "Rank" is promoted

- Available quests range from clearing Co-Op Missions to playing a number of Match Plays

Daily Quests

- Ranks above PO1 have daily task to complete for extra Points

- Availability resets daily

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Quest - How To

Let's look at how to obtain new quests and complete them.

Searching for quests

Get Your Quest Follow these steps to get quests
1. Click "Quest"
2. Scroll and select the quest you want
3. Click "Get Quest"

Do Your Quest

It is easy to complete the quest you just obtained.

1. Join the mission channel required to complete your quest.
2. Join the game room or create a new game room and select your quest mission.
3. Successfully complete the mission.

  • Check the right side of your game screen for quest reminder.

Quest Completion and Rewards

- Make sure to "Complete Quest" after clearing requirements

- Complete the quest in the quest window

- Available quest rewards are Points, items, or units

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